Do I Need To Get Braces Before Orthognathic Surgery?

I have a class 2 malocclusion as a result of my receded chin. I plan on getting sagittal split osteotomy to move my lower jaw forward, but I don't really like the surgeons in my city and would like to get this surgery elsewhere. From my understanding, you need to have braces before, during, and after this surgery? Does that mean I have to get the braces from the same hospital/city that I am getting the surgery from? Or is it possible to get the braces in my hometown after the surgery?

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Surgery - no braces

the surgery actually depends upon the coordination of the top teeth and the bottom teeth. So if one took a plaster model of your top teeth and bottom teeth and 'tried' to fit them together, they may not fit - that's what the orthodontist does. So generally, you need some braces before surgery (or Invisalign). The orthodontist and surgeon do not need to be in the same city for sure.

it is possible to do surgery without braces for sure - we do it all the time - especially with Invisalign where there are no braces.


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