Are Braces and Dental Implants the Best Option?

I recently went to see an orthodontist for a consult regarding my underbite. The orthodontist said that it's not a jaw issue but an issue of missing my maxillary first premolars (I believe they never grew in), but don't have any space. The orthodontist gave me two options: 1) braces to create space, then two dental implants to replace the missing first premolars OR 2) extract two teeth on the mandible to make it match the maxilla, however I was told that this may lead to a "sunken" lower jaw.

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Braces and Implants to replace missing teeth

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Braces and implants will give you a more fuctional and better looking result in most cases.  Talk to two or three dentist/orthodontists to get some opinions after looking at your case.

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