Braces After Dental Implants?

I'm under 18 and next year, I'm going to have to get two dental implants for my 2 front teeth. I wanted to know can I get braces after this?

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Implants and braces

It is generally be better to get implants after orthodontics.  Once implants are placed, they will not move like natural teeth will during orthodontic treatment.  If the implants are not in quite the right position, the orthodontic treatment may not be able to be completed properly.

Always consult with your dentist, but generally get the implants after orthodontics is complete.

Fairfield Orthodontist
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While you CAN, another question is SHOULD

The most common approach is to do braces before implants, unless the implant will assist with the braces.  Once the teeth are lined up and the space from the missing teeth is ideal, implants are then used.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
Seattle Dentist
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Work with your dentists

Usually it is better to work with several specialists including your general dentist and their lab to treatment plan and create models for an ideal set up for your teeth prior to starting. Usually ortho first if there is a lot of crowding or poor alignment. It is usually better through to get all the movement out of the way first, placing the implants after.

Benjamin S. Fiss, DDS
Chicago Dentist
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Braces after dental implants depend on many factors

Like adult underwear, it depends!

Typically, braces are used to align the teeth to there ideal spot. Implants don't move once they are placed but natual teeth will. Unless the implants are in there ideal place then moving the rest of the entire dentition will be compromised.

There are instances where you actually want implants placed first. If the implants were to be used as achorage to move other teeth off of (fixed levers to work off of other teeth) then it would be ideal to place them first.

As you can see, there are many ways to look at the problem. The problem here is you did not give enough information to solve the problem!

R. Scott Smith, DMD
Springfield Orthodontist
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Braces Before or After Implants

I'm curious to know, why do you need braces? Ideally, if you need to correct crowded teeth or close spaces, etc. you should do the braces first. When I have patients who are having the two missing front teeth replaced with implants, I will move the other teeth to ideal position first -- then finish treatment by dropping the implants into the now idealized spaces. You can have temporary teeth to fill in the gaps during braces (so you don't have to go around with gaps in your smile).

Susan Goode Estep, DMD
Atlanta Dentist
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