Unhappy with Scar and Nipple Sensation Loss After BA: Will a Revision Help? (Photo)

I Had a BL and BA 500 cc saline submuscular two years ago, I had tuberous breast and my dortor sad I need a lillop lift for my breast to look natural. He reduce the side of the right nipple to match with the left, but now I don't very feel it went I touch it. I found that my nipple are too big and the scars around are irregular and large but i'm scared to don't feel noting if my nipple are reduce. I would like to have more volume at the top and more cleavage, less under and from the side, is it possible ?

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Scar revision will help here, and can be done under local anesthesia by many surgeons.


Scar revision in a situation like yours is pretty easy, and many surgeons can do such a revision under local anesthesia.  That intervention will also help improve shape, however, even with scar correction, you are still going to have a tendency to future sag of the tissues, as that is their nature.  Nipple sensation may eventually return, but is at greater jeopardy if there is wide undermining of the tissues during the lift.  I hope that this helps.    

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Nipple sensation and results

Implants with a higher profile and areola reduction may help. Unfortunately, at this point you may not regain your nipple sensation.

Post-operative cleavage will depend on your pre-surgery cleavage. You have wide-set breasts, which means you'll probably continue to have wide-set breasts after surgery. However, while you may have a bit of improvement, it may not be as much as you want. Your surgeon can only do so much to give you cleavage before it looks abnormal, since the implants have to remain centred underneath your nipples.

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Problems after augmentation and lift

Hi. Some of your scars have stretched and it is likely that you will improve these with a scar revision. Reduced sensation can occur after this type of surgery, and can improve up to about 4 years - after then it is unlikely to return. You may be able to improve the shape of your breast by relifting and retightening the breast tissue, or changing the profile of your implants to a higher one - you should discuss this with your surgeon. Sometimes it can be very difficult to change the shape, as a lot of the long-term result depends on the way your skin stretches and changes in the 12 months after the surgery. Regards Dr Charles Cope

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Unhappy with Scar and Nipple Sensation Loss After BA: Will a Revision Help?

In general the result is acceptable. The risk of N/A decreased sensation is very common with breast lifting operations. And this should have been explained in your pre operative informed consent visit!. The spreading scar is also an occurrence following these type operations. Only scar revision can improve.. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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