What Bra Size Am I Likely to Be?

Hello my name is Bella and I recently had polytech implants inserted. I was a size A cup and I got 480cc extra high profile tear drop implants inserted. I am about 5ft 6 inches tall and weigh approx 120lbs (60kg). I am based in Australia. Your respone will be greatly appreciated. I had the implants inserted 4 days ago. Sorry I don't have any photos to attach.

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What cup size will I wind up with.

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First, you are very early in the post operative course.  I would think that you had a conversation with your plastic surgeon about your goals, etc;.  The other thing is that standardization of bras went away a while ago.  Often patients will be a couple of different bra sizes in the same store.  My best guess given your numbers will that you may wind up a "D".  We usually have our patients wait about 4 months before getting fitted.  

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Cup size and implants

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It is difficult to determine cup size after implants because each bra company is a bit different and they do not measure cup sizes the same.  It is best to get fitted after 4-6 months when the swelling is gone.

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Bra Cup Size after Breast Augmentation?

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Congratulations on having undergone the breast augmentation procedure.

There is no reliable methodology to precisely predict exactly what bra cup size you will wear.  There is significant variability that exists from one patient to another as well as from one from manufacture to another.  For example, my best guess of a “D cup", is nothing more than a guess.

 I would suggest that you enjoy the results of your procedure;  hopefully you'll be very pleased regardless of the specific cup size achieved. I would also suggest that you do not  spend money on expensive bras  until you are about 6 months out of your surgery. You can expect the breasts to  continue to change until that time

I hope this helps.

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