Common Bra Size After 335cc Breast Implants?

What bra size or size breast do people tend to end up with after having 335cc Breast implants? I was an A cup, and after having my two children, I became a B cup prior the Breast augmentation.

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Common bra size after 335cc breast implants?

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Hello! Thank you for your question. In general, implant size does not correlate with bra cup size. The cup size itself will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer as well as who is doing the actual measurements. Thus, cup size is never a reliable indicator for your breast size. I typically encourage my patients not to communicate her desires in cup size but more on the actual look and appearance.

Good communication between you and your surgeon of your expectations is warranted - choosing your surgeon wisely is the first step. Discussion of your wishes and having an honest and open dialog of your procedure is mandatory (e.g, implant type, incision, placement, lift, etc). I have found that photographs brought by the patient is helpful to get a visualization of the appearance you wish for in terms of size, shape, fullness, etc. In addition, your surgeon's pre and postoperative photographs should demonstrate a realistic goal for you. Once this has been accomplished, allow your surgeon to utilize his/her best medical judgment during the procedure to finesse the best possible result for you after preoperative biodimensional planning and fitting the right implant for your breast width.

Hope me that this helps! Best wishes for a wonderful result!

Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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There is no way to guarantee a particular bra size. Bra sizing varies greatly between bra manufacturers and a C in one bra will be a D in another. What matters more than the assigned bra size is the way the implant looks on you. The best option for your body and aesthetic goals can be determined in a thorough implant sizing session.
Implant sizing depends on several factors. One of the most important factors is your breast width. Generally, your surgeon will measure your breast width, and then provide you with a range of implant sizes appropriate for your native breast size. There are more nuances to it than just what I've described, but this approach works for most women.
I usually have my patients bring in a large bra and a tight t-shirt to do sizing. I'll then choose 3-4 implants that I feel are appropriate, and have my patients place them in the bra under the tight t-shirt. My patients can then look in the mirror and get a good sense of what they will look like with the provided implant sizes. My patients like this approach and get a great idea of how they will look.
By using this technique, your surgeon can outline a range of appropriate implant sizes that will be aesthetically pleasing, and you make the final decision.
I hope this helps. Good luck!

Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Bra size after breast augmentation

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It is difficult to determine what cup size you would be after breast augmentation. Every manufacturer is different, depending on where you buy the bra and how you wear it plays a big role. The number of cc's does not tell you what cup size you will be. internally your body is very different. Your chest may be concaved, it may be convexed, it depends on how much breas tissue you have on one side vs. the other, how much muscle mass you have as well. You have to understand that your internally anatomy plays a big part of determining which implant you will need in order to achieve the look you want.

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Bra size after breast implants depends

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Each woman will "wear" a given implant differently. It has to do with your shape, how much tissue you had before surgery and also the implant type and size.  You will probably go up a cup to a cup and a half on average unless you are quite small.

Enjoy your new look.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

Final cup size = Native tissue (cc) + Implant volume (cc)

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Bra/cup size is a function of what exists plus what is added. However, as Oprah's show demonstrated, most women don't get the proper fitting for their bras. You state that pre-pregnancy you wore an "A" cup and that after you became a "B". As a general rule, if the distance from the nipple-base of the breast is 5cm this corresponds to an "A"; 7cm a "B"; 8-10cm a "C" and >10cm D, etc. Implanting a 335cc implant in a relaxed skin brassiere, as you describe will probably result in a "C" cup, if you are like most women and choose a larger band width (i.e. 34 instead of 32). Remember if the band width increases, the cup size decreases. In different manufacturer's bras, you may wear a D. The best recommendation is to obtain a good fitting from an experienced lingerie department at Nordstrom's. Good luck.

Lavinia K. Chong, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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