Bra Size After Reduction, Currently 34 HH? (photo)

I will be soon getting a breast reduction. I currently weigh about 175lb and I am 5 ft 7. The surgeon told me that my breast are around 1500g each and should be around 500g for my size. With a current bra size of 34 HH, approximately what size of bra should I look forward to?

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Breast Reduction - Bra Size After Reduction, Currently 34 HH? (photo)

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Fair question but hard to answer - and a photo in clothes doesn't count as a pre-op photo!  Not that I blame you, but it's even harder than usual to make a recommendation in the absence of a legitimate pre-op photo.

In general, it's ABOUT 150-200 grams per bra size, but it's less when you're going from a AAA to a AA, and more if you're going from a F (which is supposedly a DDD) to a D.  PLUS you have to consider that bra sizes are widely variable (a Victoria's Secret D is a C for some others) and have changed recently (what used to be a full B is now a C).  So when you put all of that together - it's hard to give a simple answer!  This is something you have to discuss with your PS and go over what you look like and what you want, and then go with his or her advice on what is best for you.  I would guess that a full D or even a double D would be an appropriate goal for someone who is an H - but it's truly impossible to make that recommendation via this forum with absolute certainty.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

Bra size following breast reduction

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Your surgeon will have the ability to adjust the size of your breasts depending on your preference.  The most important question for you to answer is what size do you want?

David Stoker, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Bra size after reduction surgery

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Hi there.

There's no standard cup sizes between bra manufacturers.  Having said that you surgeon has given you good advice, and based on your picture - I think you'll most likely be a C cup in most bra types, if the amount predicted is removed.

Breast reduction if you're beginning with your current size is very very satisfying.  It will change your life in a good way.  Very best wishes.

Cup Size after Breast Reduction?

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It is hard to promise or predict  final cup size after breast surgery. With breast lifting, even though no breast tissue is removed, the breast shape and position are changed. This change in position and shape may result in a different cup size or a different level of filling  the cup of a bra.  For example, a breast that sits lower on the chest wall may require a larger cup size than the same volume breast sitting higher on the chest wall.
Therefore you should not  base your goals or the success of your operation  based on a cup  size which may very depending on who makes a bra.
Best wishes. 

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