Will Not Wearing a Surgical Bra Help With Swelling?

I was an A cup and had 475cc sillicone high profile under muscle implants. 11 days post op and had my bust measured for a bra size and gave me a B cup. I was hoping for a D cup. Will not wearing a surgical bra help with the swelling but still wearing the band. Do i need to do massages and cold compress? When can i sleep on my sides?

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Breast Swelling Is A Natural After Surgery Process That Takes Time To Resolve

While every plastic surgeon has their own specific set of after surgery instructions, breast swelling is a natural process that has to run its own course. How fast breast swelling subsides and how long it takes for the breast tissues to relax is a matter of time. It should be viewed as a several month process. The issues of the necessity of surgical bra wear and massage are best answered by your plastic surgeon.

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Follow directions from your plastic surgeon.

If your plastic surgeon advised you to wear a surgical bra, you should wear it.  The best thing to do is to speak with your surgeon regarding post op instructions.

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Post Op Instructions

Your tissues will need time to accomodate to the implants. Over time, the tissues will relax and the breast will assume a different shape.  In my experience this usually takes several months and we always caution our patients that with silicone implants, this tends to be more noticable. Please contact your surgeon for specific post-operative instructions.

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Post Op Breast Augmentation

Contact your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with any questions about your post-operative recovery. Every surgeon has some specifics that you should follow in order to have the best outcome. Best wishes!

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Post op augmentation instructions

Every surgeon has different post-op instructions.  You should ask your surgeon regarding this.  The swelling will subside on its own.

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