Breast Reduction 7 Weeks Post Op Hematoma Removal?

One breast has been very swollen, bruised and painful - had it aspirated 4 times, slight relief after 24hrs then bruising increases and steadily get worse until next aspiration. Now decided to remove hematoma and fit drain as it is no longer fluid, (last aspiration was 2 weeks apart) now very uncomfortable (feels solid) and generally feel unwell - Is it safe to leave like this (a size of an orange) as I am now on waiting list is there anything that could cause more problems whilst I am waiting

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Treatment for breast hematoma

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It seems like you had recurrent or continued bleeding after breast reduction.  Given that your breast "feels solid" and you feel "unwell," I would recommend washing the breast and placing a drain soon.  Meanwhile, you may want to take antibiotics so that the hematoma does not get infected.  You should talk with your plastic surgeon.

Surgically drainage of a hematoma

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Hematomas can occur after any surgery including breast reduction.  Some surgeons place drains other do not.  A significant hematoma can occur even when drains are used, so a drain will not prevent this from occurring.  If your breast is twice as large as the other side then this is a hematoma that may need to be surgically drained as it can have a detrimental effect on healing causing more pain, stiffness of the soft tissue and generally delaying an otherwise uneventful recovery.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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