1 Month Post-Op Breast Reduction, When Will the Soreness go Away? Bras are Irritating the Area.

I had BR Feb 24 - 38DD to 38C. The breasts are still very sore and bruised. The area most bothersome is where the drains were - its like the bra irritates the area. I have switched bras a couple of times and actually feel the best without a bra but my surgeon wants me to wear one. When will this soreness go away? Even driving and small bumps irritate the breasts. No infection and surgeon has seen the breasts 2 weeks post surgery and he says all is well. Thank you.

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1 month post op Breast Reduction Surgery

Thank you for your question.

It does take time for things to heal and the "soreness" to go away.  It may help to put some sort of padding between your skin and the bra to reduce the irritation.

Keep your follow up appointments with your surgeon and take his advice.

It will get better in the next few months.

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