Breasts Still Seem Large 1 Month Post-Op Breast Reduction, Could They Still Go Down In Size?

I had a breast reduction a month ago and the doctor removed 800gms from each breast.  I am back to wearing normal bras. However still size D. I was 36 DDD before. I still feel they are big. Is it too early to worry about size? Any suggestions what size I will be? please help.

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Breast reduction

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Be patient.  You likely still have some swelling in your breasts.   You probably won't have full resolution of swelling for six months or so. 

Also, make sure you are not gaining weight.  If you had 800 grams removed from each breast, your "new pre-op weight" is 1600 grams or 3.5 pounds less that it was.  I call this body and breast contouring math 101.  Almost all the weight removed with your reduction was fat and if you go back to your preoperative weight, you have gained fat (unless you have become a gym rat and put on muscle). 

Also,  don't even look at your bra size.  There is no standardization and big busted ladies always wear a bra size that is too small.  I've had reduction patients able to wear their preop bras, only the bras actually fit after their reduction.

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Breast reduction results

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Yes it is too early to be worried about size at this point. Unfortunately, I don't have any suggestions except continued patience and follow-up with your surgeon. Ultimately, if you still  “feel too big” further reduction is possible. Best wishes.

Probably still too early to tell about final results

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Since you had your breast reduction only one month ago and the surgeon removed 800 grams from each side, I think that it is still too early to tell your final results.  You may still have significant swelling.  At about six months, if you still feel that your breasts are too large, you might consider another procedure to remove more breast tissue.

James Tang, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Breasts still large after reduction

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After breast reduction it will take six months or longer for the breast to soften and settle in and during this time your breast will indeed feel smaller than it does after one month. The typical size after reduction is a standard D-cup though some will make it to a C depending on the base width of the breast. Your 'smallest' size will be at your ideal body weight, so if you aren't there your result can be better if you take advantage as you are healing and finish slimming down.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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At one month following a breast reduction breasts will still be larger than their ultimate size

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At one month following a breast reduction, your breasts are still going to be significantly larger than they ultimately will be and that is due to normal swelling. It will take over 6 months and even up to a year for the swelling to maximally resolve. Therefore, expect to be at least a little smaller ultimately than what you are right now.

Steven Turkeltaub, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Too big after breast reduction

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Dear Natasha,

I'm afraid you won't be seeing much change is size being 1 month post op. However, because most techniques only rely on the skin envelope for support,  you should have a certain amount of 'settling'. This will give the illusion of becoming smaller in the months to come. Best wishes, Dr. H

Gary M. Horndeski, MD
Texas Plastic Surgeon
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Still some swelling in breasts at month

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It is quite normal for a woman to have swelling in the breasts at one month following a breast reduction.  There is a good chance that within the next 4-6 weeks you will see a change in the breasts as the swelling dissipates and they soften.  In addition, an 800 gram reduction is a large reduction, and there was probably a limit to how small the surgeon could make your breasts without compromising the blood supply of the nipple and breast gland.

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