I had CoolSculpting of the flanks 2-29-16. My dr did overlap treatments 3 on each flank to get the best result.

My question is because of the 3 treatments to each side would this make stomache swell along with flanks. I'm jus swollen everywhere. No pain or tingling just swollen like a balloon. Also have gained 3 lbs. clothes don't fit. Wearing compression day and nite.

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I had CoolSculpting of the flanks 2-29-16. My dr did overlap treatments 3 on each flank to get the best result.

Thank you for your question. This can be normal after CoolSculpting and the swelling may last for a few weeks. Compression may help. Speak with your chosen provider if you are concerned or experience any other symptoms. 


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I had CoolSculpting of the flanks 2-29-16. My dr did overlap treatments 3 on each flank to get the best result.

Hi and thanks for your question. I am sorry to hear you have some swelling after the coolsculpting treatment but this can occur and is usually quite temporary, especially since you underwent the procedure only about 10 days ago. Ask your doctor if you can take an NSAID which will help with the swelling. Good luck.

Richard Chaffoo, MD, FACS, FICS
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Coolsculpting and Swelling

I would return to your treating physician to examine the treated area and the swelling involved.  There have been studies to show that compression garments are not indicated.  Please consult an expert in Coolsculpting.  Best, Dr. Green

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Swelling after coolsculpting

swelling is normal after coolscupting I suggest you speak to your board certified physician for treatment options.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Swelling after CoolSculpting

Swelling is a normal response to the CoolSculpting and it varies depending on the patient. Compression is the best thing you can do. It will subside in a few days or few weeks. If it's getting way too discomforting, follow up with your physican.

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Swelling after CoolSculpting

It is possible to get some temporary swelling to an area treated with CoolSculpting.  Normally this resolves by a week or less.  It is more unusual to get swelling to an area that was not treated however.  I would monitor the situation as long as you continue to have no pain and wait a bit longer to see if the swelling improves.  If you feel it is not, I would recommend contacting the physician who treated you.  

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Swelling after coolsculpting

Having three treatments per side in the first session is going to dramatically improve your result- it also increases the initial swelling. If you are concerned it's best to have a quick follow up with your doctor to make sure there are no other contributing factors. The compression should help- also be sure to stay well hydrated. I wouldn't worry about the weight gain as this is likely fluid retention. Best wishes, Dr. Meghan Nadeau

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I am glad you were treated.  The swelling that has happened will resolve.  Cool sculpting doesn't contribute to weight gain like you are describing.  You should return to your normal activities as much as possible.  Consult with you treating physician for a review of your medications and medical history as well.

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