Anti Aging Options for Sagging Facial Skin? (photo)

My mother is in her late 40's and has frown lines, lower face skin sagging and sunken eye sockets. She went to a doctor that suggested that she have Micro-Needle Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma treatment done to firm her sagging skin. I have never heard of these treatments so I thought I would post on here her issues and see what other doctors would recommend for her problem areas. It was also suggested that Juvederm and Botox would not help her with her problem areas.

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Anti-Aging Options For Sagging Facial Skin

Usually when I see a patient in consultation, I ask them to tell me what is bothering them and/or what they would like to improve. To answer your questions regarding your mother, which should be done in an in-office consultation, it really is important to know what bothers her specifically.  That being said, based on the photos, I think she could best benefit from injectable fillers as she has volume loss in the peri-ocular, mid-face and peri-oral areas as well static aging lines.  There are other treatments such as botox and chemical peeling which would also help her attain a complete and appropriate rejuvenation, but fillers would be my first step.

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