A muscle tear or pulled sutures?

My left breast bottomed out so an internal bra was put in place and also both were lifted. My left breast and under arm have been VERY tender. On day 4 of post op I was walking into my daughters room and my left arm caught the door and I instantly felt a sharp pain, almost a pulling or tear feeling. I had my post op follow up on day 4 and told the doctor what occurred and he said it was fine. It happened again today. Is it possible that a muscle tore or the internal bra became detached?

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Recovery from internal bra

If your surgeon evaluated you in person and said here was no problem, that is better information than what you can get online. You didn't say what type of material was used for the internal bra - It could be SERI, Galaflex, or an ADM such as Strattice. Internal sutures alone are not an internal bra - it's a capsulorrhaphy. The answer may depend on what exactly was done.

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A muscle tear or pulled sutures?

Yes, Maybe, ?. Best to NOT use that arm fir anything for the next 3 weeks. Pretend it is a broken upper arm! Than re check it

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A muscle tear or pulled sutures?

I  am sorry to hear about the problems you have experienced after revisionary breast surgery.  I think that either one of the possibilities you mention is possible;  most frequently, patients who experience the type of "trauma" you report, experience a muscle sprain (that typically resolves over the course of one to two weeks).  This may be one of those situations where time will tell. I would suggest resting  the upper extremities as much as possible, the use of anti-inflammatories went okay by your plastic surgeon, and patience.    Best wishes.

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