After treatment on the thighs, my legs were in excruciating pain with red streaks and suction marks. Is this normal? (Photo)

I put ice on and off for two days and arnicare. What other treatment would you advise? Also best way to handle this problem with the salon. I am nervous to go back and still have 6-8 sessions to go and paid $2400 for the discounted package. I live in Florida and can't wear shorts or a bathing suit and am hiding from my family as I am embarrassed. These photos are Day 1and 2 today is day 3 and they are purple and black. Is this normal? I am afraid to do it again.

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Bruising is normal

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Cellulite is caused by fascia bands and the only way to get rid of cellulite or minimize the appearance is to either cut/destroy the bands or minimize the fat around the bands causing dimples.  Anything done to stretch or destroy the fascia/bands will cause bruising and can be uncomfortable.  That being said, the Venus treatments don't need to be unbearable to be effective, but the technician may have just been trying to give you the most effective treatment possible for your money.  Try talking with them about how uncomfortable it was and possibly using less pressure and making the treatment a little less intense.  Just know the results just may also take a little longer to achieve.  Also the redness is from the increased blood flow, you may even notice little red dots called petechiae similar to what we get from a hickey.  All completely normal.  Best of luck.

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