Infected belly button over a year post op? (photo)

It was a created belly button by my wonderful surgeon because mine was removed. I had a tummy tuck done January 2015. I had gone back to my dr suspected a distended stitch in the new belly button he created for me. (I had 11 lbs of skin/scar tissue removed after loosing 140lbs) he had said it was fine. I've always suspected it didn't look right to me. My friends dog tries to lick my stomach there but doesn't do this to anyone else. Well today there's green crust stuck to my stomach. It's red and seeping yellowish liquid. Do I return to my surgeon or go to a walkin?

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Belly button infection

There may be an infection and this would warrant immediate medical care to ensure resolution of the problem. Best, Dr. KaramanoukianLos Angeles

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Infected belly button over a year post op?

There are several reasons why you might be having trouble with your new belly button (neoumbilicus). Many of these can be related to the surgery, although not caused by the surgery. I do recommend you see your surgeon at some point sooner or later as he/she will have the most insight into what has been done and what might be wrong. I can not advise you on whether or not to seek urgent attention. Hope this helps. 

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