"let's just leave it sometimes these will go away on their own", and we can recheck it in 3 months. Does this sound correct?

I had a biopsy showing BCC on my back, had surgery. Second biopsy came back showing edges were NOT clear.

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It depends on the subtype of BCC under the microscope. It is uncommon to just leave some BCC behind but I guess if there is just "superficial" BCC component your dermatologist opted to observe which is not an uncommon approach but you can discuss other non-surgical options with him too.

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BCC on back

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Thank you for your question. BCC is a low grade skin cancer that can be treated in various ways depending on the type as well as the location. It sounds like you had an excision of the area. When an excision is done, it is sent to pathology for the margins to be checked, if the margins are still positive then more treatment needs to be done in order to clear the lesion. I would recommend you follow up with your physician to explain what his plan is. If you are still unsure then you can always get a second opinion. 

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