I've Had Breast Implants for 13 Years. Is It Possible for One to Bottom out After This Time Period?

I've had breast implants for 13 years; They are saline and under the muscle. I've noticed a change in my right breast over the past week. I can't tell if it is smaller or if it is just in a different position. Something is definitely off with it, though. Is it possible for one to bottom out after this long? What else could be the problem?

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Possible leaking implant - Saline

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You condition sounds more like a leaking implant.  The size of your breast will gradually decrease over the next few weeks until it is completely empty

  1. A leak is usually due to a fold in the implant and over time it gradually creates a pin hole leak
  2. A saline leak is not a health risk
  3. It is sometimes associated with a capsular contracture
  4. Follow up with a plastic surgeon who will be able to determine if you a have a leaking implant

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Saline Breast Implant Deflation (Partial)

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With a change in saline breast implants after so many years, the most likely consideration is that of a partial implant deflation. Some loss of internal fluid may have occurred which creates a change in the feel and look of the implant. It is time to have your implants evaluated and possibly replaced if the integrity of the implant has become disrupted.

've Had Saline Breast Implants for 13 Years. Is It Possible for One to Bottom out After This Time Period?

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The most common cause of a change in one implant after several years is leakage , especially if one implant feels softer.Leaking implants need to be removed or replaced

Hilton Becker, MD
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Saline breast implant change after 13 years can be a slow leak

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Thank you for your question. In my experience the most common cause of the change in the shape of a saline breast implant is a slow leak. Consult your plastic surgeon for an examination and opinion.

Saline implant possible deflation

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I doubt that the implant would suddenly bottom out. Most likely you have a partial deflation of the implant. This usually occurs with a leaking valve on the front of the implant which allows saline solution to leak out. You should see your PS soon as the capsule will start to shrink making replacement much more difficult.

I've Had Breast Implants for 13 Years. Is It Possible for One to Bottom out After This Time Period?

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Dear july,

thank you for your post.  This sounds more like a slowly leaking implant.  Continue to observe.  you will probably notice complete deflation of the implant over a week or so.  Saline implants usually last about 10 years or so.  Schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon to assess and possibly replace the implants.

Best wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

Pablo Prichard, MD
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Leaking Saline Implant

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Sounds to me like you have a slow leak in your saline implant.  This is not dangerous, but you will want to make an appointment with your surgeon to plan for a replacement. 


Dan Mills, MD
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Deflation of saline implants is usually slow.

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From the history it sounds as though there is some loss of volume in the prosthesis. As the days pass this will become obvious.

Breast Implants

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More likely, you may have a leaking implant.  You should see a plastic surgeon for possible replacement of your implants.

13 y/o implants will not bottom out...

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unless there was some event that occurred that could predispose to that.  Its more likely your implant is deflating and you can figure this out but using a molded cup bra weekly and see if you develop more space in the cup on the concerning side.  But without photos, its still recommended that you see a local surgeon who can examine you and evaluate your concerns.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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