Do I need crowns on two lower molars and removal of wisdom tooth?

I am in my 60s. my dentist insists I remove all wisdom teeth eventually, but right now one wisdom tooth and crown two molars. A recent root canal on the other side maxed out on my insurance and I want to wait. My dentist advises against this. I am not happy at being bulldozed into a decision that may lead to more complications when there is no pain on this side of my mouth and the other root canal side is already compromised and still hurts. Should I get a second opinion?

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Second opinion definitely a good idea.

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I would secure a second opinion.  If there are now gum problems or severe unrestorable decay you do not need wisdom teeth extracted.  You dentist should not "Bulldoze" you into anything.

If the two teeth he wants to do crowns on are severely decayed it should be addressed but otherwise you can often delay. 

If you love your current dentist sit down and have him explain urgency for the work.

I am 65 and have all of my wisdom teeth and have patients who kept their wisdom teeth into their 90's.  You remove wisdom teeth when there are health issues associated with them.

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