My right eye is higher than left eye, any advice? (Photo)

Hello, as u see on pic, it's really annoying me when i took selfie or wearing sunglasses, I want a solution for this problem, or surgery that could resolve that problem, and tell me how much it's cost?

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Right eye is higher than left eye

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Need proper evaluation before treatment can be considered. See video below. Sometimes eyelid surgery can help camouflage the eyeball asymmetry although orbital may be considered.


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There are many causes for the assymetry you see. There can be. One assymetry or eyelid assymetry. Each of these can be improved with various complexity. It would be possible to give you a very detailed answer by speaking in person or via Skype etc to determine the cause. A consult with an Oculoplastic surgeon is important to address the correct cause 

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