Can the under eye incisions from a vertical cheek lift cause permanent scarring?

I had a cheek lift three weeks ago with incisions just below my eye and just above my upper eyelid. The incision sites below the eye are lumpy and I'm afraid they'll heal that way. on one eye the upper and lower incisions are squeezing my eye very slightly, and I'm afraid my eye may end up looking less wide and open. I'm sorry for not being able to add photos at this time.

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Midface lift

Very common question and concern after a subciliary midface lift (which is what it sounds was done in your case).  Wound care, wound care, wound care! That is extremely important at this case to minimize scarring as the vertical forces will try and put stress on that incision - and that is what leads to post op scarring. Everyone has different regimens - I personally like silicone gel and/or vitamin E oil massages starting at 2 and a half weeks.  I suggest you consult with your operating surgeon as they may have different regimens depending on what was done.  In regards to the position of the eye and lateral canthus - without pictures its hard to say what was done.  That being said, discuss this with your surgeon as they know exactly what was done intraoperatively.  It can take quite some time for things to settle down completely after a midface lift - so be aware of that.  Best of luck!

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