Is it ok for me to smoke marijuana at this point in my Rhinoplasty recovery? I do not use tobacco ever when I smoke.

I had rhinoplasty surgery as well as my deviated septum fixed exactly 7 weeks ago. The healing process is going well I believe because my nose is looking better with each passing week. I do still notice some swelling on the right side of my nose but it looks considerably better from when i first got my cast off. I haven't had a nose bleed since 3 days after my surgery. I was wondering if I can finally smoke marijuana again or if I could still do considerable damage by smoking.

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Dear tyler6, Of course it is always better to not smoke "anything"  however many patients are on medical marijuana prescriptions and they return to those typically four weeks post surgery. At seven weeks post surgery very moderate marijuana usage should not cause any considerable damages. If you find that you have increased swelling or any difficulties breathing after smoking then I would suggest refraining. It is always best to speak with your surgeon since there are obviously different views on this topic as you can see from the colleague answer below. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Tyler, really? Really?

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Hey dude, there is no conceivable way that smoking marijuana could cause any damage at this stage...that could not be fixed by undergoing the whole thing all over again.

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