Boubous tip after rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty 9 days ago and the cast removed 4 days ago. My front view looks great, except for the tip that looks more bulbous and a bit overprojected and more bulbous. Is this normal? Any reason to be concerned? When I press on the tip of my nose the area feels hard and I'm afraid there may be some cartilagenous fullness that may not decrease too much with time. Can sweeping feels hard too?

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Bulbous tip after rhinoplasty?

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9 days is still very soon after surgery, and there will be swelling present that will affect the appearance of your result. In general, 70% of the swelling is resolved after the first 3 months and the remainder goes down over time. It can take up to 18-24 months to see the final result of your surgery, and your nose will continue to change as you heal. I would recommend following up with your surgeon regarding any post-operative concerns, as he or she knows the extent of your procedure and exactly what was performed. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck with the remainder of your recovery.

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Bulbous tip after rhinoplasty?

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The nose can be swollen for up to a year or more. Swelling will depend upon the nature of maneuvers employed, presence of grafts or implants, thickness of skin, open vs closed, revision vs primary, etc.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Bulbous tip after rhinoplasty

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Everything you described is absolutely normal for 9 days post op. The tip is almost always disproportionately swollen, is always hard and can sometimes look overprojected. It really takes at least six months to see the final result. Let your doctor know your concerns. A lot of "early worries" turn out to be fine over time.

9 Days post Rhinoplasty

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Dear GustavoLins,

Nine days post rhinoplasty is simply to early to determine your result. See your surgeon often for reassurance and he/she will be able to tell you where you are in the recovery phase and what your expectations should be. In the interim do not press on the tip of your nose as this will cause more swelling. Have some patience and see your surgeon regularly. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

Michael Elam, MD
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Swelling and firmness in the nasal tip is normal 9 days postop

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Your postoperative experience is completely normal. Swelling in the nose is par for the course especially when a tip refinement or tip-plasty operation is performed. It may take months or even a year for all of the swelling and healing to be complete before you are able to see your final results. Thanks for sharing your concerns. Best wishes.

Gregory Park, MD
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