Bottoming Out? (photos)

I am 5 months post-op, dual plane breast augmentation. I am concerned that I may have bottomed out on the right? I experience heaviness and some pain when not wearing a bra on the right. I can also feel the silicone gel implant through the skin on the right . . . it feels as if it is sitting just under the skin. The left feels totally normal. Any suggestions? I go back for a follow-up in two weeks but am wondering what questions to ask or if I should consider going sooner.

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Bottoming out

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It is difficult  to tell exactly what is going on from  your photo  It appears that the right breast looks more normal and the left breast may have a slight capsular contraction.  You should go back to your original surgeon and discuss these concerns. Bottoming out and capsule contracture are two problems which ever experienced breast surgeon has dealt with extensively. You should express your detailed concerns to your surgeon and he will know how to deal with it

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Bottoming Out? = did you have breast pseudootosis to start with ? #brastimplants #breastaugmentation #bottomingout

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Ideally, after a breast augmentation with implants, the nipple and areola complex should be at the top of the breast mount ( area of maximum anterior projection of the breast)If patients have "pseudootosis" of the breast before surgery ( part of the breast "hanged" below the breast fold, but the nipple and areola complex was above it, the pseudootosis could be "augmented", and therefore sometimes confused with "bottoming out"Patient with very small breasts may feel the breast implant in the bottom of the breast in some cases, and this could be normal.Patients with questions and concerns about their breast augmentation with implants healing process should address those concerns with the plastic surgeon that performed the operation. 

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