Bottoming out 6 Weeks Post?

Hi, I just had BA 6weeks ago. I'm petite, weigh 43kg at 1.6m. Used to be a cup A, now full B. Had 200cc silicon, mentor, moderate profile, textured, under. My left breast seems to have settled nicely but my right breast is still riding high. I'm worried if I'm having bottom out or whether the pocket created is too high. Worried.. Doctors, kindly advise. Thank you for your time..

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Early Breast Implant Asymmetry

Breast implants can take a while to settle into their final position and often do it differentially.It sounds like the left implant is fine and the right one is still too high. It can takes months to have an implant that looks high to drop, particularly with textured implants. You need to give it up to three or four months after surgery to judge the final implant position. You still have plenty of time for the right implant to drop down to better match the opposite side.

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Bottoming out 6 Weeks Post?

Thank you for your question, and the directions to the photo!

I can understand your concern. But many women who appear to be asymmetric at 6 weeks wind up looking great at 6 months. 

DO check with your surgeon to assure you are doing all you can to help, as far as massage and pectoral strap. If the implant feels firm, there are some things that can be done if a capsular contracture is suspected, but it is a bit early to suspect that. 

All the best. 

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Please provide a picture to the post. It is impossible to answer your question.


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