Does It Look Like I Am Bottoming out And/or Will I Need Another Surgery?

I had my Mommy Makeover done June 7th. I am having a slight problem with my right breast. The office said that it is my tissue swelling. I just want to see what you all think. Does it look like it is bottoming out? If would you suggest another surgery?!

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It Does Not Look Like You are Bottoming Out

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Early in the post-operative period we expect changes to occur in the breast because of swelling and muscle spasm. At this point, I see no signs of bottoming out of your breast implants. There is slight asymmetry with the right breast sitting lower then the opposite side. This is probably related to pre-operative asymmetry and nothing can be done to correct it. Some minor asymmetry can be expected with any breast augmentation. Be patient and discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon. You still may ultimately be very happy.

Bottoming out after breast augmentation

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It appears as though your implants are in great position.  They'll naturally fall a little after surgery, but if they fall anymore I would go back to your plastic surgeon for a possible lift.

Post op Progress

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I agree with most of my colleagues here.  You are not bottoming out.  And I would not recommend any revisional surgery at this time.  Look back at where you started before surgery and then evaluate how far you've come (ie review your before and after pictures).   Best of luck.  

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Don't see much of a problem at this point.

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It's a bit too early to diagnose problems with the result.  To my eye, I see no significant issues.  A bit of asymmetry is expected and your's is certainly not out of the norm.

Looks good so far.

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Hello Jen,

Things look pretty good so far. If I knew what your pre-op appearance was like I could maybe tell you more. Give things time to settle. Then re-evaluate.


Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

ASymmetry of breasts

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Everyone has asymmetry and it is a bit early to see the final results.  GIve it some time.  The irregularity medially in the right may resolve.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
4.2 out of 5 stars 30 reviews

Asymmetry after Mommy Makeover

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There appears to be some mild asymmetry between the medial aspects of your breasts, but it does not seem to be bottoming out. You should probably allow at least a few more months before considering any revision surgery, and maintain a discussion with your plastic surgeon.

Olivia Hutchinson, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

Revisionary breast surgery

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Based on the photo you provided, it does not appear that your implants have bottomed out at all. There is slight assymetry in the shape of the breasts which is considered normal. It is difficult to provide perfect symmetry when performing a breast augmentation. It also depends on how far along you are post-op surgery. It could be that your implants have not fully settled and it may be soon to see the final results of surgery. Final results are usually seen 6 months to a year post-op surgery.  If you have any issues or concerns, I recommend consulting with your plastic surgeon or any board certified plastic surgeon to discuss any possible revisionary surgery if you are unhappy with the shape or appearance of the breasts. Take care and good luck.

You are not " bottoming out"

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There is a little indentation on the mid line lower right breast. Your right breast has a little different shape then the left. It looks like your right breast and nipple point out to the side of your body more then your left. If you look at your pre op pictures you will probably notice that it was same shape prior to your surgery. I would suggest discuss your concerns with your doctor but most of these things resolve themselves in time.

William Aiello, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 65 reviews

Mommy Make Over Revision

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You are not Bottoming out.  There is a slightly different contour of the right breast at the inner lower aspect.  I think your results are excellent.  I would wait at least 3 months or so to see if that small irregularity of your right breast settles out.

Dr. ES

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