Am I bottoming out? Why is one nipple lower? (photo)

I am 1 week post lollipop lift with 300cc slicone under the muscle. My left breast seems bigger and it's definitley fuller in the lower half. Am I bottoming out? My right breast seems flat at the bottom and the nipple sits lower that the right breast. Will they eventually even out? I was hoping the bigger one must have just "dropped" faster, but it's looked this way since 2 day post op when I first took a good look. I've been so upset thinking something might be wrong.

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It is hard to comment as your arm position is not symmetrical and this alter how your breasts look.  You are only 1 week post-op.  It's too early to consider a revision.  You should expect changes in the appearance of your breasts for 6-12 months.  Be sure to discuss your concerns with your PS.


Assymetry post lift/aug

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Since you are only one week leave well enough alone.there will be soem settling that will occur and I would sit tight be patient.If you are concerned about bottoming out where a bra 24/7.

Breast Augmentation

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it is hard to tell from the photo since you took it and your one hand is up holding the camera. Having the arm raised can effect the picture.

With that said you need to give it more time 2 weeks is too soon it doesn't look like you are bottoming out.

Contact your surgeon for a follow up.


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I can't quite tell from the photos since all three are taken with different arm positioning, and that affects the nipple position. 

I do not see any suggestion of "bottoming out." The nipple position is uneven, moreso, so far, that they were before surgery. Although asymmetry of the implant position may improve as the implants drop, that is not likely for nipple position. 

It will be best to be examined by your surgeon for the best answer to your questions, and for an outline of a plan to correct this if that becomes necessary. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Am I bottoming out? Why is one nipple lower?

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Appears as the operation did not go as planned.. There was a break in technique to cause this asymmetry. Sorry..

Augmentation mastopexy

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The lollipop mastopexy technique does require several months for the final result to become evident. The lower part of the breast will tend to stretch and the implant normally drops. Asymmetry at 1 week postop op is quite common, you need to let things settle.

If you do end up with nipple asymmetry it is relatively straight forward to lift the lower nipple.

Hope it goes well.     


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Thank you for the photos though it is difficult to judge sine you were holding the camera. From what I can see you appear to be natually asymmetrical which may affect your final result but you do not appear to be bottoming out. I would express your concerns to your PS though. Dr. Corbin

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