How Can I Tell If I Have Double Bubble and What Are My Options To Fix It?

I had BA on the 18th of August. 600cc'sL and 650cc'sR. i had constricted breasts and asymmetry. I think my right breast has double bubble. It fell behind the natural breast instead of falling forward. Neither breast has rounded out at the bottom like I hoped for :( and the right one I can see the old crease but the implants has dropped down toO far i think but not filling out the bottom. The left one has a little but not much :(

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Double Bubble

As others have advised, 3 weeks out from surgery is too soon to worry about the final implant position or a double bubble. In cases of a constricted breast, it is often necessary to lower the breast fold to lengthen the lower portion of the breast, and it is the band created by the original breast fold that causes a double bubble because a portion of the implant is now below this fold. It will often stretch out over time so don't worry yet. If you have a true double bubble after 6 months, it will likely not go away. Your surgical options would include release of the constricting band or elevation of your new breast fold, probably with smaller implants, depending on what is seen on physical exam and what is most important to you.

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Double Bubble cause

Double Bubble is from too large (weighty) an implant that is pushing down on tissue that is weakened at the infra-mammary crease area. The original infra-mammary crease has often migrated to a high position, causing the nipple to rise too high on the breast mound. Your surgeon would want to examine you and discuss options with you. Communication with your surgeon is key!

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Double Bubble??

It has only been about 3 weeks since your surgery...way too soon to be evaluating this.  If you have concerns about an abnormal change in implant position then you should let your surgeon take a peek.  If you include some photos I can probably advise you better.  Good Luck! Scott Newman, MD FACS

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Not sure about double bubble

Take it easy. It's too soon after surgery to tell what's going on. Constriced breasts take longer than usual to stretch in the lower portion of the breast. Especially after large implants that you describe, it could take a while. Check with your surgeon about proper massage and whether or not to wear any elastic underwire to help support the breast crease. Good luck.

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Constricted breasts and double bubbles

If the breast fold is tight and constricted, a full breast implant can indeed push out and under the breast and produce a double bubble. The old breast fold you see may still yet relax if your implant is positioned properly, though if the implant is simply too large, or positioned too low revision may be needed.

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Too fresh out of surgery

It is too soon to worry about the implants "dropping" into place.  You need to allow time for the implants to settle into the pockets and let things heal.  Keep in close contact with your plastic surgeon for your follow up appointments.  Hopefully things will heal and you will be happy with the results.

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Three Months Needed For Breasts To Settle After Surgery

In any patient that has breasts that are more tuberous and need extensive work to release the tissues, lower the folds, and correct asymmetry, it really does take at least three months for everything to relax, stretch, and settle.  It is not uncommon for women who undergo surgery to correct tuberous or constricted breasts to complain that their breasts appear very strange looking at the one month mark.  Without examining you it is hard to say, but it sounds like the normal post-operative healing course.  Just be patient and give yourself three months to heal.  At that point I would address it with your surgeon.  I hope this helps.

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Double bubble after breast augmentation

You initially started with a constricted breast which is characterized by a short distance from the nipple to the fold under the breast.  It is not uncommon to attempt to lower the fold to achieve more fullness and give a more natural breast mound.  A revision in this circumstance can be quite useful.

Having said this, it is only 3 weeks since your surgery and you should wait several months to assess the result and contemplate any further changes.

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