Sagging, 5 months post Breast Augmentation, have I bottomed out? (photos)

The first picture is me pre op and the rest post op 5 months after surgery. I had 375cc ultra high profile over the muscle. Went from a 32A-32FF UK size. Please help? I'm booked in to see my surgeon in April to discuss my worried but would like a little conformation from others here

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Bottoming out after breast augmentation

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Your photos pretty clearly show what you describe. That is, your implants have fallen below the natural lower border of the breast. There are surgical options for this that basically fall into three classes.
1.  Putting sutures in the bottom of the pocket to support the implant.
2.  Putting another material in to recreate and support the bottom of the pocket.
3. Adding an incision along the bottom of your breast to use your own tissue to support the implant.
Each of these has advantages and disadvantages and the solution is almost always on of the first two in cosmetic revisions.
Dr. Pyle

Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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