Will a Bottomed out Implant Continue to Drop?

I had a 425cc implant in my right breast and a 450cc in my left. a month later I noticed that my right implant had fallen about an inch and a half below the scar and crease line. my question is will it stop where it is or will it continue to drop until I have surgery to stop it? my own doc is military and has stopped answering my questions so I could really use some answers. thank you for your time. sorry I dont know how to attach an photo from my phone.

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A bottomed out breast implant may continue to bottomed out for several months.

Thank you for your question. I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing bottoming out of your breast implants this early postoperatively. You should wait at least 6 months before considering a revision to re-create your inframammary crease, the full beneath your breast.

Early asymmetry after breast augmentation

Some early asymmetry is common in the first few months following breast augmentation.  It is still pretty early to make any final judgements.  Without photos it is difficult to know which of the two implants is abnormal.  It may be that the higher of the two just has not settled into it's final position yet.  Aggressive massage and a breast strap might be the answer.  If the lower one truly has bottomed out, it will not descend forever.  Generally after a few months it will settle into it's final position.  Additional procedures to correct the bottoming out may be necessary.  This may include a capsulorrhaphy or the use of acellular dermal matrix.

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Correction of Bottoming Out of Breast Implants?

Thank you for the question.

Usually, it takes several months ( and even up to one year) for breast implants to “settle” into their final position. I would suggest that you wait at least 3 to 6 months after your breast augmentation procedure to evaluate the end results of surgery.

Based on your description however, it is very likely that you will benefit from revisionary surgery,  which will most likely involve internal suture repair (capsulorraphy) to reposition the breast implant(s) that have moved too low.

At that point, make sure you seek consultation with plastic surgeons who can demonstrate significant experience with revisionary breast surgery. Ask to see lots of examples of their work.

Best wishes.

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Bottoming out

Well, it won't get better on its own.  The use of a good supportive bra, even a front clasp sports bra, can be very beneficial in preventing further descent of the implant.  But, this should be done 24/7 for maximum benefit.  At least for a few months. 

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