I Have Bottom Braces on and a Top Retainer on to Fix an Overbite How Does This Work?

I have just recently got bottom braces with also a top retainer that i have to wear day and night only taking out when i need to brush my teeth, I have an overbite i was wondering how does the retainer fix my overbite and how long will i have to keep it in, I am getting top braces in a few months will i still need to keep the retainer in ?

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You Won't Need Your Top Retainer When You Get Your Top Braces

My best guess for the reason you only have bottom braces and a top retainer is that your orthodontist wanted to start straightening your bottom teeth first and that you had such a deep bite that the lower braces couldn't be placed on your bottom teeth without you biting on them. 

It would be helpful if I knew what the retainer looked like because I can't say this is a typical approach.

Allentown Orthodontist

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