Bottom out After Breast Capsulorrhaphy?

Went from 420cc implants to 700cc saline mod. 3 mon ltr, bilat bottom breasts appeared to slightly give. PS did a Capsulorrhaphy to rib fascia 6 mon from original breast aug date. Exactly 6 mon ltr both breast implants completely bottomed out this time. Went back to the PS, he wants to do another capsulorrhaphy & downsize to 575. Before I go through that painful sugery again, is this normal? Also will taking hgh before and after help the tissue in avoiding this happening again?

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Internal bra procedure for bottomed out implants

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With large implants such as yours, the tissues will thin from the weight of the implants and repair with a capsulorrhaphy does not address this issue. Suturing to the ribs will not work if the tissues being sewn aren't strong enough. Downsizing makes some sense, but once the tissues are thinned out and weak and especially after a capsulorrhaphy has failed, use of an internal bra procedure with something like Strattice is often the best way to treat the problem.

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Consider temporary implant removal for repair of bottoming out.

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I would suggest that you have the implants removed and let the chest wall heal for six months. If the implants were sub muscular I would then convert them to sub glandular.

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