It's been 4 weeks after my Breast reduction. Any suggestions? (photos)

The surgeon said my nipple has nipple necrosis partially , so he removed dead skin , now fat is out ..I change bandages everyday, an it's now deep and it's not getting dry. ..what can i do, the surgeon said I shouldn't worry, but when ever I clean it, blood is coming out . What should I do?

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Healing problems following breast reduction.

I am so sorry you are dealing with this complication.  There are various methods of management for post-operative wounds.  Most small wounds will heal without problem using simple dressing changes.  It is also an option to clean the areas up in the operating room and attempt closure.  Bleeding is not a bad thing while cleaning.  It is common for pink granulation to do this when you are cleaning.   I would recommend following up with your surgeon as you look like you may need a little more work on the wound by the nipple and come up with a plan for healing at that time.  Good luck!

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