Is It Possible to Get to Much Botox?

I want to reduce wrinkles but I do not want to become completely emotionless in the face.

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Frozen in Seattle

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Dear Deevis,

To avoid getting results with Botox that you are not happy with such as a frozen, emotionless face, it is important to get your injections performed by a board certified physician who specializes in aesthetics such as a dermatologist, plastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon or oculoplastic. When you establish a healthy doctor-patient relationship with your aesthetic physician, you can get the most from their experience and expertise and achieve the best, most natural results for you.

Sincerely, Dr. Bassichis

Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

How to treat wrinkles with Botox but still look natural

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No one wants to look frozen or expressionless.  Botox is not a one-size-fits-all treatment.  The injection locations, the dose, and the timing of treatment all must be customized for each individual patient.  I often give patients enough Botox to decrease the strength of the muscle contraction, but not enough to completely paralyze the muscle,  That way they can still make an expression, but they are not making as deep a wrinkle as they were before.  Also, the location of the injections may not always be exactly the same every time you have a treatment.  Injecting different combinations of muscles can affect the look that you get, as well.

Jordana S. Gilman, MD
Washington Dermatologic Surgeon

Can I have too Much Botox?

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Hi Deevis.  The look you achieve using Botox is a very personal decision.  We have patients tell us that they want no movement in their foreheads and still others that say they want to be able to move (animate) their eyebrows.  As practitioners, we need to use this information to judge how much product we will use.

It is possible to use more Botox than is necessary or too much that it might make you feel "frozen".  If you have these concerns, it's best to address them with your practitioner and proceed with caution as far as the number of units that are used to start.  You can always add more in a follow up treatment, but you cannot reverse the Botox (at least for a few months) once injected.  

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Yes, it is possible to get too much Botox!

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Too much Botox can do more than "freeze your face" and prevent normal expressions. It could also potentially be dangerous, if it spreads out of the treatment area and begins to affect muscles that are not part of the intended target. Remember you can always try a little Botox and ADD MORE if you feel the effect is not strong enough. There is no harm in being conservative, except the hassle of having to go back to the board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon you have chosen to treat you.

Jessica J. Krant, MD, MPH
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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More shots with smaller amounts of botox per shot give a more natural look.

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Botox is technique dependant.  The more number of tiny shots with smaller amts of botox per shot tend to give a more natural movement and look.  Ex.)  8-10 tiny shots on each outer eye gives a better and more natural look than 3-4 big shots of the total same amount of botox. 

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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You can easily taper your botox dose to fit your requirments...

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try a little first and see how that suits you and then in a couple weeks add more if necessary...but you can definitely reduce muscle contraction without leaving your face emotionless and frozen...just talk with your doctor and make certain he/she understands your specific request...

Ken Landow, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist

Botox for a natural look

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Please consult an experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon  for Botox injections.  You should discuss your concerns and the results you would like to see and your treatment can be tailored to your preferences.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologist

Too much Botox will make you look too frozen!

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The effect of too much Botox is to leave your face looking unnatural and mask-like.  The idea of proper Botox injection is to make you look younger and more beautiful but not artificial looking.  If someone thinks that you had Botox then you probably had too much! You should look better than you did before and friends should be unsure of what you had done.

"Frozen" face / too much botox?

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I agree with you - I like to diminish the intensity of the wrinkles, but retain the ability to show emotion.  A "frozen" face is a sign of too much botox....that's why it's a bit of an artistic judgement about how much to inject, and exactly where to place the Botox.  Experience is key!!
All the best,

Overinjections of Botox produce a lifeless appearing face

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Overinjections of Botox produce a lifeless appearing face. A face without expression is uninteresting and can even look ill as after a stroke. Eyebrows should always move up and down and squint lines should be small but preserved.

Edward Lack, MD
Chicago Dermatologist

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