Wrinkles from Too Much Botox?

I was wondering, can too much Botox cause wrinkles above the eyebrow? The last two times I had the injections, it seems like I am getting wrinkles over one eye, and they appear to be getting longer. Is this normal? What can I do about it? I hate it!

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See Your Physician

Your problem is the reason that many of us like a patient to return in two weeks. When injecting Botox we can not always tell how the muscles will react. In addition, even the most meticulous injector can not predict exactly how the Botox will diffuse. As one of my colleagues whote on this site, it is like dropping a drop of ink, you don't know exactly how it will spread.

Then there is the issue of recruitment. The face is so used to making certain facial expressions; truly pre-wired, that it will continue to try to do so. Any muscles which are unaffected or only partially affected will then be RECRUITED to dupliate that expression. That very well may be happening in your case.

In sum, it would be best for your physician to see what needs to be done and then put a few more units into the muscles which require more relaxation.

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Maybe not enough Botox


A wrinkle right above the eyebrow is more visible after Botox when every other part of the forehead is not moving as much. So as you try to raise your eyebrows , sometimes there is a wrinkle about 5 mm above the eyebrow itself.

In general, I tell patients to expect that unless we specifically treat that are. However, treating this area can lead to lowering of the eyebrow position and the feeling that you can't raise your eyebrows at all. One other factor to consider if you have that area treated, as it will lower your eyebrow. if you have a little excess skin over the eyelid, you may feel like there is more skin and the eyelid skin is heavy.

I warn patients ahead of time and they make the choice. No wrinkle with a lower eyebrow. Or normal movement/ normal position of the eyebrow, but with a wrinkle above it. Have a careful discussion with your doctor and make sure your doctor is comfortable with your decision.

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Wrinkles as a result of Botox.

Sometimes people who have Botox to the furrows between the eyebrows, because the muscle called the "corrugator" can extend further along the eyebrow, if that portion of the muscle is not injected, it can be recruited to contract with more force than before, to create wrinkles above the mid portion of the eyebrow. Perhaps this is what is happening to you. I would discuss your concern with your doctor (he or she would want to know).

Good luck.

Bryan K. Chen, MD
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If you experience it, it must be happening.  I would show this to the doctor and ask for confirmation however.  Perhaps he is not injecting as well as he could be, and your feedback will help you both.


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