Botox to Fix Walled-eye?

I was cross eyed as a child and had surgeries to correct them. One eye was over corrected and it is now wall-eyed (?)

The older I get (I am now 56) the more it goes out. Can botox straighten it? I do not focus with it so it has a mind of it's own and is considered legally blind.

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Botox for extra ocular motility disorder

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Pedatric opthalmologic surgeons have great experience in utilizing Botox for management of estra-ocular motility problems.

However, your issue is that it is inconsistent and only occasionally out.

Dr. Kimberly Curnyn in Arlinngton Heights may be closer for you to contact and discusss your options. I know she is expereienced in the use of Botox for this condition

No it can't

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Dear Duxgirl

BOTOX can't fix this problem. Yes one of the original applications of BOTOX was for aligning the eyes by using it to weaken extraocular muscles. However, you do not have a minor deviation. The most important factor in keeping eyes aligned is some degree of vision. It sounds like your eye lack enough vision to assist in alignment. I would encourage you to be assessed by a pediatric ophthalmologist. I can recommend Marilyn Mets who practices at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago. She also sees patients at Children's Memorial Outpatient Center in Glenview.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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