How is Botox Used?

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How is botox used

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Botox is used to deactivate muscles of animation mainly in the upper one-third of the face to soften facial lines of animation.  The effects last about 4 months.

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How is Botox Used?

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To put the answer to your question in simple terms...Botox works by preventing the normal muscle contraction in facial muscle that cause wrinkles.  

Some wrinkles in the face are caused by the ongoing contraction of facial muscles in the area around the wrinkles.  By relaxing the muscles and preventing the contraction, we can smooth the area, decreasing the visibility of the wrinkles.

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Botox paralyzes muscles

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Thanks for your question.

Botox paralyzes muscles and inhibits muscle movement by blocking the nerves that stimulate the muscle to move. If you can't move the muscle, you can wrinkle the skin overlying it, thus leaving you unable to make the wrinkles you are targeting.

Botox is used in 3 main areas: the forehead wrinkles, the wrinkles between the eyebrows ("11 lines or frown lines"), and the wrinkles around the eyes ("crow's feet"). In the hands of more experienced injectors, it can be used in the chin, on the nose, around the nose, along the jawline, and on the neck to achieve different results.

Things to consider before doing Botox are the areas that you wish to treat, and continue to treat (as each treatment only lasts 3-4 months and you are making a long term committment), the cost per unit, and the experience of your injector. Feel free to ask questions during your consult. Botox injections amount to a slight stinging and pain. They are quick injections and require minimal to no after injection care.

Botox is one of the most widely performed and safest cosmetic procedures on the market. You can feel confident that you will get good results and enjoy the effects if done correctly.

Good luck!

Don Mehrabi, MD
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Botox for wrinkles from muscle movement

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Botox is used to reduce muscle movement by blocking the action of the neurotransmitter across the neuromuscular junction. The action lasts several months, then must be repeated. While it is officially only approved for glabellar frown lines, it is widely used for crow's feet, bunny lines, lip lines from pursing the lips, neck banding and forehead lines.

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How is botox used

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When botox is administered, injections are made into the skin. Botox interrupts the signal from the nerve to the targeted muscles responsible for wrinkles on select areas of the face including the forehead, frown lines between the eyebrows and crows feet wrinkles around the eyes.

I hope this helps.

Good luck.

Bryan K. Chen, MD
San Diego Dermatologist

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