Botox Upper Lips Area From Tip Lip to Mouth?

From 2002 - 2008 I have had 100 units on this area. On 2008 I had 200 units this caused balloning and could purse my lips slighly but could not speak and i looked weird when I tried to talk. I How come from 2008 this area has not returned to normal. Would I have any muscle damage? regards

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Botox off-label for perioral lip lines

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I can not address your specific case as I can't examine you nor do I have the pertinent details.  The numbers of total units of Botox do not describe how many units you have had per treatment and how many units per site of injection and the exact location of the injections. Normally Botox wears off in three to four months maximum.

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Botox and temporary muscle paralysis

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Botox injections may cause a temporary muscle paralysis. That is the intention to achieve the desired cosmetic result. Your concerns regarding muscle damage are unlikely as I have not heard of this but I suggest you discuss with your surgeon and have appropriate evaluation.

Steven Hacker, MD
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