Botox for Upper Lip Area?

Should I look at Botox for my upper lip area?

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Botox is ok for fine upper lip wrinkles.

Dear ZsaKLM,

 If the wrinkles are deep, get them filled with an injectable filler. This is my #1 choice. I've attached a photo demonstrating results.

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Botox for the Upper Lip

Hi Zsa,

Botox in very low doses is effective at helping to reduce vertical "smoker's lines" around the lips. Only one unit of Botox is used in each quadrant of the lip.

If too much Botox is used, get ready to slur your words and wipe the drool off of your chin. Choose your injector carefully.

Be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Botox for Upper Lip Area?

Botox can be used in very small amounts to help lessen the vertical wrinkles (smoker's lines) of the lips. Only minimal amounts should be used - 1-2 units per lip. If more than that is used then the lip will not work properly. Be sure you seek the  advice of an experienced board certified plastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon or dermatologist (or a certified injector under their direct supervision) to achieve your best results. Another technique that is useful for etched lip lines is the artistic use of blended fillers (such as Juvederm Ultra XC) injected in the very superficial layers of the skin to "airbrush" the wrinkles away.

Kevin L. Smith, MD, FACS
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Looks good at rest but no good pucker

The upper lip wrinkles are reduced with a small amount of Botox injected into the periorbicularis muscle. Too much leaves a droopy lip and asymetric pursing. When titrated just so it results in great features.

It is best to seek a refined, eperienced Botox injector to obtain the best results.

Lee Kleiman, MD
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Botox can be useful in the upper lip.


In New York, we use 4 units of Botox injected very carefully in the upper lip to help erase the fine vertical lines.

Restylane and laser resurfacing are also useful.



George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Botox in the upper lip

Only a very few units are used for some patients who don’t get enough correction with fillers. The botox is not used for singers or wind instrument musicians as it can affect the fine control of the lip. It is useful for those people who purse their lips significantly and the lip has prominent creases. See a physician who is very experienced at this.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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BOTOX has been used for this purpose.

Dear ZsaKLM

BOTOX in tiny doses can soften lip lines. However, filling the lip lines with a product like Restylane is a much better approach. BOTOX is a neuroparalytic agent.

It can be brilliant along the eyebrows and in the chin. However, it is all too easy to get too much weakness when used at the lip lines. This means interference with pursing the lips and drinking liquids. Not a pretty picture.

Dr. Steinsapir

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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