Botox to Both Upper and Bottom Lip, Now Can't Smile

I had the area below my bottom lip and chin treated to get rid of fine lines. I wanted the area above my top lip treated also. She said she never treats both of those areas at the same time, so she had me come back in 2 weeks later and only made one injection on each side of my lip. She said that way we didn't completely paralyze that muscle. That was 3 days ago and when I smile the corners of my mouth aren't turning up like they should! I'm afraid it's going to get worse! Any Advice?!

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Botox for lip

The first thing you should do, if you're having a concern about off-label use of Botox, is to see the doctor who treated you so you can get the advice from them as they will be most knowledgable about their treatment, the exact areas of insertion, how close to the lip border, how many units used, etc. You did see a physician, right? If not, then consult with a board-certified experienced Botox injector such as a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

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Too much could be used or not used properly

BOTOX in very small amounts is commonly used for lip lines and works very nicely. It can also be used in the edge of the upper lip to invert it and create a more prominent upper lip. However, If too much BOTOX is used or not used properly, it can keep you from being able to smile.

This side effect will go away, but there is no antedote until the effect wears off. This is why it is very important to find a BOTOX injector who has a lot of experience using the product.

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