Cost and Number of Treatments for Botox in Underarms?

How much does Botox for the underarms cost? How many treatments are usually needed?

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You only need botox about once every 9-12 months to control excess sweating

under the arms...sometime it lasts longer, occasionally less...the cost varies between different doctors and different geographic a few dermatologists and find out the price in your area...generally about 50 units per axilla so a total dose is about 100 units...and remember it may be covered by your insurance...but there are often some glitches along the call them first and find out their policy

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Botox treatment cost for underarms

We treat hundreds of patients each year successfully with Botox for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) of various areas, but most commonly the underarms. Private insurance plans thankfully cover most of the cost of Botox, and there is typically an injection fee as well that varies. Best to speak with your dermatologist about the various treatment options for your hyperhidrosis, of which Botox is one of the most effective and safest. Dr. Benjamin Barankin, Toronto Dermatology Centre.

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Botox for Underarm Hyperhidrosis and Insurance Coverage

99% of Botox for underarm hyperhidrosis is covered by medical insurnace in our geograhic area. Some individuals who have high co-insurance or high deductibles will have to pay for the amount that is not covered by insurance. But, if you have good health insurance without a deductible or co-insurnce, Botox is covered if the insurance company authorizes it - sometimes if certain conditions are met - failed topical aluminum chloride, oral anticholinergics, etc.

Insurance May Cover Your Botox

We value our Botox treatments based on areas.  Underarms are considered two areas, depending on your provider. It should begin about $500.  Hyperhidrosis is considered a medical indication for this treatment. Your provider may be able to bill your insurance company. You will be responsible for your co-pay depending on your insurance carrier. Please note that you are responsible for your treatment if the insurance company does not pay. Have an open conversation with your provider during the consultation.


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Botox and sweating


The cost and duration of action of Botox for sweating may vary widely depending on how many sweat glands you have in your armpits. A general estimation can be based on the amount of hair in your armpits. A small area of hair usually indicates a lesser number of sweat glands, which may be cheaper to treat and last longer. My patients usually pay $1000-$1500 for a treatment and repeat twice annually. When they compare it to their costs for deodorant/antiperspirant it's not too bad. Good luck!

BOTOX works well for underarm sweating.

You'll need 100 units total for both underarms, and just about all of my patients love it since it really keeps you dry. Results last around 6 months, and the cost can be anywhere from $800 to $1200, depending on your location. Insurance may cover this procedure for hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating).

Good luck.

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Botox for excessive underarm sweating

The cost of the procedure depends on how much your doctor charges.  50 units per underarm is the usual dose.  Insurance typically will pick up the cost only if other treatments have have failed.

For this indication, the effects of Botox typically last 6-8 months, sometimes longer. 

Good luck.

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Botox injection under the arms is extremely effective

Botox injections are very effective for underarms. The effect  generally last 200 days (around 6-7 months). We charge $950 for 100 units of Botox. We inject 50 units under each arm.

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Botox helps for underarm sweating

Botox is very effective for underarm sweating. However, it can be costly and is rarely covered by insurance. You will likely need 2 to three treatments per year. The cost can vary, but be prepared to spend between $1000 and $1500 per treatment. It takes much more Botox to stop the sweating than it does to stop a few wrinkles in your face.

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Botox for Sweating

I have used Botox for underarm sweating with success. Not all insurance companies will cover this treatment modality, so check with them first. It does average approximately $1000. per treatment which lasts in my experience 6-9 months. There is an alternative which is being studied now and has been used with success and that is laser treatments. This uses any of the laser assisted liposculpture devices (SmartLipo, ProLipo, CoolLipo, etc) but in this case the laser, instead of removing fat is destroying the sweat producing glands from inside and this is a more permanent solution.

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