Botox treatment to crows feet causing black eye

I recently had Botox to my crowed feet on my right side when I smile I look like I have a black eye why is this and what can I do?

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Botox and bruising

Whenever you have any type of facial injection injection you run the risk of a bruise.  It sounds like you have a bruise from the Botox injection.  I would try Arnica Forte to help improve the bruising.  Also the V-Beam laser is an excellent way to help reduce the bruising quickly.

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Botox treatment to crows feet causing black eye

This may be a result of a bruise underneath the skin thats causing darkness underneath the eye, I suggest you give it a few weeks to heal

George T. Boris, MD, FRCS, FACS
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Bruising after Botox

Lots of little superficial veins especially in the crows foot area and bruising is a common side effect. Fortunately it goes away in several days. 

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
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Bruising after Botox

Any time you have a needle stick there can be a bruise.  It gos with the territory.   The only therapy for a bruise that works is time.  Possibly some warm compresses help 5%.  Time and time is the solution.  Keep sunscreen on the area.  I am a very strong believer that arnica is of no value despite the cult type mystique that surrounds arnica.   Time is the ONLY answer.  My Best  Dr C

George Commons, MD
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Bruise from Botox on one side

Any time you are putting a needle under the skin, even a tiny needle like those with Botox, you can get a bruise. It can look better or worse depending on other muscle movement, but over a week or two, it will go away. Around the eyes there are a larger number of small veins and capillaries, so when there is a bruise from Botox, this is normally where it occurs.

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Bruising after Botox

You probably have a bruise after your injection.  Bruises with Botox do not occur as frequently as they do with filler so if you've had it in the past with no bruising this treatment may have surprised U but it can happen.  Take arnica, eat kiwi and pineapple and follow-up with her doctor.  It should go away

Chase Lay, MD
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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