Botox Spreading to Neck?

I had Botox 4 days ago in my chin for dimpling and around the eyes. The eyes are fine and I am happy with them but I am concerned about my chin area. On day 3 under my chin felt affected. Today my neck muscles are affected. I am now anxious and worried somehow it will keep moving and affect my swallowing and breathing. It feels "weird" when I swallow but I can drink ok, just feels strange. Called my Plastic Surgeon who wants to see me in the morning and not to worry. I am a little panicked.

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Botox and neck weakness

It is not impossible to get neck weakness when Botox is injected in the neck, but it is rare to get symptoms from distant injections. As the swallowing has not yet been affected, there is no reason to panic. It is extremely rare that a report of an inability to swallow occurred requiring a feeding tube until the relaxed swallowing muscles regained their function. Anyone experiencing these symptoms should notify their doctor, as you did, and if symptoms are spreading quickly, which is not the norm, then go to an emergency department of the closest hospital.

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Botox spreading to neck

Given the feelings you are describing, you should go to ER and make sure that you are not having any serious side effect from your treatment.

Steven Hacker, MD
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