Botox Shortly Before Conceive, Could this Have Been Potentially Harmful?

I've had botox injections (20 units) to my glabella 5 weeks prior to conceive. I'm really worried how this could affect my baby. There are a few comments posted but some time has ellapsed since. I was wondering whether someone could provide me updated information regarding this issue. Thanks

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Pregnancy and Botox use.

While Botox is not recommended when someone is pregnant or nursing, it should have no affect on your baby at this point. Any amount of free drug itself is likely long-gone from the body and the rest that is bound up and inhibiting your neuromuscular junctions will not cause any problems.  Let your OB know about any medications you are taking or have recently received so that they can better monitor your situation.

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Pregnancy Concerns with Botox

The thorough feedback from panel members should offer you more peace of mind as we also are in agreement with the statements.  

You may also want to consider contacting the manufacturer, Allergan, if wanting further information

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Do not have Botox when trying to conceive

When women are trying to conceive they should not have Botox but this does occur probably much more often than we are aware and yet there are no reports of a cause and effect problem.  Please remember that Botox has not been studied in women who did or tried to conceive and so no one can recommend the treatment during that time. In all probability there is no problem but check with your gynecologist and pediatrician.

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Botox before or during pregnancy and lactation

You are most likely fine and i hope that you get the desired effect of Botox through most of your pregnancy. the drug rapidly binds the receptors in the desired target and unbound molecules are likely quickly removed from the body.

Botox is considered a class "C" drug during pregnancy. This means that some animal studies have shown adverse fetal effects, and that there are no controlled animal or human studies to support or refute the risk of harm.The risk of side effects in lactation is not well studied and caution is advised. The risk to the fetus or a newborn must be weighed against the benefit to mother.

I recommend waiting until pregnancy and lactation have been completed or having your injections done prior to conceiving.

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We do not think this is a risk what so ever.

So many woman have had this service prior to conception at this point.  There are no formal studies on this however and there is not likely to be any studies.  Please be aware that women do get BOTOX for medical reasons during pregnancy and this in a very small number of case does not appear to be a health issue for the baby.  Generally we do not recommend getting BOTOX if you are trying to conceive or know yourself to be pregnant but there is absolutely no reason to believe that this treatment presents any issues regarding your pregnancy.  Your best course here is to consult with your personal obstetrician, who best knows your personal medical situation.

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