Horizontal Forehead Wrinkles, Is Botox Right for Me? (photo)

I'm 33 years old.I don't have any horizontal wrinkles on my forehead, however I use my muscles above my eye brows a lot when I talk as part of my facial expressions. I can see some lines are starting to form on top of my eye brows and I'm worried that soon I will have vertical wrinkles there.Should I wait until I see visible lines or get botox now to prevent the lines?How many units do you think I need?Would it make my eyebrows droopy? Please help, Thank you

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Glabellar lines on forehead

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The lines that appear to bother you are located in the glabella region. This is the most common indication for Botox, referred to as the "11" sign and often the best results are achieved in this area.

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