Botox - Are These Results As Good As It Gets?

I have a very deep crease on my forehead between my eyes so I had Botox injected there about one week ago. I have noticed that the crease is not as deep, however, I still have a noticeable crease line.

Are these the only results I can expect?

Editor's Note: See when will I notice the results of Botox? as this question relates.

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Botox use and expectations on deep glabellar wrinkles

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It is hard to know for sure without pictures...but when you attempt to furrow your brows together, you should have very little or no movement.  If you have substantial movement there, you should consider a touch up.

Often when you have a very deep wrinkle, even if is a perfect treatment, at first the Botox will only soften the wrinkle.  Given more time, you will see the wrinkle soften even more since you are not reinforcing the wrinkle on a regular basis.  If your wrinkles are very deep, sometimes a filler injection and/or more aggressive therapy can help erase such a wrinkle.  Make sure you see an experience injector to ensure good results.  Best wishes.

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