Botox Vs Radiesse for Contouring Jaw Line?

I saw on various websites to slim a jawline, you can use Botox. I was so excited but my doctor recommended Radiesse instead. Can someone please explain the difference? Thanks.

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Botox and Radiesse may help the jawline

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If you have prominent masseter muscles creating a square jawline, Botox can help make them smaller.  If you have lost volume of your chin or the sides of your chin, a filler such as Radiesse, Juvederm or Restylane can replace volume and smooth the contour of your jawline.  You should consult an experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon for assessment.

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Radiesse smoothens the jowl whereas Botox diminishes jaw muscle bulging

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Botox thins the jawline by weakening the muscle that bulges when you grit your teeth. It's the muscle in front of your ear. Put your hand on your cheek like you are saying "oh my!" and then grind your teeth. That muscle is the masseter muscle and it can be weakened and made smaller with Botox giving the appearance of a smaller jaw bone.

Radiesse is a filler. By definitiion it make the jaw bigger but it makes it "appear" smaller by an optical illusion. We use it to fill the area just in front of the jowl along the jawline. This smoothens the jawline producing the appearance of an elongated thinner jaw and face smoothing the transition to the chin and almost aciting as a chin implant.

These are not mutually exclusive and can be performed together and considered another option for the non-surgical facelift.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Depends on what you mean

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I'm not exactly sure what you mean by slimming a jaw line. If you feel that you have a square jaw or wide jaw due to masseter (chewing) muscle hypertrophy (enlargement) than Botox to the masseter muscle is correct. But you must find a physician who has done a significant amount of this. It's a little tricky.

On the other hand if you have contour deformities of the anterior jaw where the marionette lines meet the jaw than Radiesse or another deep filler is good for it.

Botox and Radiesse

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Thanks for your question -

The two medications you are referring to are completely different. Botox works by paralyzing muscles to decrease wrinkles caused by muscle contraction. It is unlikely you would see significant "jaw slimming".

Radiesse is a dermal filler and will ADD volume, not reduce it.

Find a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist and get input regarding your concerns and options.

I hope this helps.

My choice? Both!

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Radiesse and Botox do such different things, you cannot compare the benefits of each, but in my experience most people benefit from both.

I use Radiesse to add volume to areas that are sinking (causing those jowls). Then Botox to readjust how the muscles pull on the jawline. I usually inject the mentalis, DAO and upper platysma muscles. An example of this very thing on my website.

A good board certified dermatologist who specializes in injectables, or a plastic surgeon who does a lot of injections (most Plastics spend their time in the operating room doing the big stuff) is your best bet for successful outcome in my opinion.

Mary P. Lupo, MD
New Orleans Dermatologist
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