How Long Will This Take to Correct? When Can I Have Botox Done to Correct it? (photo)

As on photo my face on one side had completely dropped why I do not know jawline should of be lifted not pulled I had bruising around the mouth and clownline pulling now down
and forehead doesn,t show that Botox had been injected into muscle as it only shows bleeding ,and deep wrinkles are still visible

how long will it takes to correct itself ..if? and when can I have botox done to correct it ?

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Drooping after Botox

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Perhaps the biggest fallacy of the human being is the thought that "more is better."  Now that you have experienced drooping, more is definitely not the answer.  On the unfortunate occasion this does occur and the patient ends up on my table I perform radiofrequency treatments twice monthly until the neurotoxins wears off completely.

Fort Lauderdale Dermatologic Surgeon

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