Botox Overcorrection On Eyelids. What Do You Recommend?

Hi, I was given 5 units of botox for unilateral upper eyelid retraction. For the first 4-5 days the correction was desirable but it eventually increased and i have drooping eyes now. Is there a solution or do i need to just wait for the overcorrection to reverse? Thanks, Rahul

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Unfortunately  you do have to wait for the Botox to wear off, but the good thing is it WILL wear off. 

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Unfortunately there is no toxin antidote

Unfortunately, too much was injected in that area. You will need to ride it out until the effects is gone. This can take anywhere between 8-12 weeks when you start noticing normalization. You could use iodine (clonidine) eye drops which may help a bit. Care should be taken when injecting that area in the future. Tell your doctor what has happened to you this first time around.

Hassan Galadari, MD
Dubai Dermatologist

Over-correction with Botox

Unfortunately you will have to wait until the full effects of the Botox wears off.  Apraclonidine eye-drops may also help and elevate your eyelid up to 2mm.  Be sure your prescribing physician discusses all the potential side-effects of the drops, such as "adrenaline-like" symptoms like anxiety or heart pounding; you may also experience eye irritation, eye dryness, and eye pain, amongst other symptoms. If these symptoms occur, you will likely need to take some lubricating eye drops, lower the dose, switch the eye-drops, or stop the drops altogether...

Good luck.

Botox upper eyelid retraction

I am not experienced at this use of Botox as I am not an ophthalmologist but it appears that you had botox purposely injected to cause a reversal of the retraction of the upper eyelid. This means that your doctor tried to relax the musculature of the upper eyelid but as it progressed it went from good to not so good. Check with your doctor if a prescription of iopidine (NOT iodine as one of the prior answers mentioned incorrectly) eye drops might help lift the upper eye lid by 1 or 2 millimeters.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Unfortunately, there is no way to reverse the Botox. The Botox effect will eventually subside, but will require some patience.

Ryan Greene, MD, PhD
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No Botox Reversal

There is no "antidote" for Botox.  There are eyedrops that can be prescribed which will help reduce the amount of drooping but over time, this problem will also resolve.  Again, make sure you choose your injectors wisely – cheap priced toxins do not always mean the best way to get the results you want.

Michael Gold, MD
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Ask you doctor for a prescription for iopodine.

Unfortunately these can be challenging treatments even in the best of hands.  The eye drop can help open the eye until the treatment effect wears off.

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