Botox nightmare 7 months post?

25 years old reason getting botoxed-my 11's date injected 3rd Apr 2013: entire forehead, sides of nose and between brows. Now 7 months later botox STILL DIDN'T wear off! Sides of my face numb whenever I smile. My cheeks drooped. My forehead bigger and more "popped out". Glass hour effect? I'm anxious and all the time looking at the mirror pulling up my cheeks. Pulling up my brows hoping for my forehead to move more. (Still hardly moves) Hoping to get my smile back! Will my face get back to normal??

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Botox nightmare 7 months post

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I'm sorry for your experience. But pulling on your face and brows certainly isn't helping anything. I don't know how much was injected - this would be a bit important. Only because if a higher than normal dosage was injected, it could take longer to go away. However, Botox isn't permanent - ever - and so eventually it will wear off.

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